Friday, March 20, 2015


I just have to share this great project that our niece and her husband are taking on.  Last summer, they purchased an acreage northwest of Ames, Iowa.  It is in a beautiful setting and has some wonderful characteristics.  They have been working very hard to get everything into shape.  The acreage has a large beautiful barn with a lot of potential.  Potential for what, you say........Well, Amber and Preston had a vision for this barn.  They love to make wine and beer as a hobby.  So, why not turn that hobby into something that everyone can enjoy.  They have decided to turn the barn into a winery and event center.  We couldn't be more excited for them!

Preston and Amber have removed the trees hiding the barn, and have begun the construction phase of making their vision a reality.  The nice weather we have been having is making things progress quite nicely.  You can keep up with their progress by following their blog Backcountry Winery and also following their Backcountry Winery Facebook page.

This photo is amazing and was taken before the new roof was put on.  If you think this project is as awesome as we do and would like to help them fulfill their dream, they have enrolled in the Kickstarter Program which helps them raise funds to do a project on the barn.  These two are very hard workers and have put a lot of thought as well as elbow grease into this project.  We love these two and can't wait to watch their vision turn into something wonderful!