Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Open Door Policy

I don't know if you have been paying attention to Chipotle's new add campaign, but it has caused the Ag Community to strike back.  Their video series is called Farmed And Dangerous, and although they are meant to be a comedy, they still lead the consumers to believe that what we do for a living is dangerous to their health and the health of our animals.  I have read a lot of comments from various sources over the last few days which leads me to this blog post.  Everyone has a right to their opinion and to make their own choices.  I just ask that the choices you make are informed.  If you would like to know how your food is grown, go right to the source - the farmers that grow it.  We have an "Open Door Policy" and would love to show you exactly what we do.  So here is our farm structure:

I have read a lot of comments claiming that farms are owned by corporations, and therefore these farms are controlled by those corporations.  In a sense, this is true with a few exceptions.  Our farm is family owned and operated by our family.  However, our family has a corporation that it runs under.  So...essentially, our farm is owned by our corporation - Vander Veen Family Farms, Inc.  This is a far cry from a Monsanto, Tyson, DuPont, etc.  I will introduce you to our board of directors and staff:

Pictured are the CEO, CFO, Management and staff of Vander Veen Family Farms, Inc.  As you can see, we are a diverse group.  This team makes ALL of the decisions for our farm which includes seed buying, crop production practices, equipment purchases, livestock purchases, feed purchases, etc.  No outside entities influence our decisions since we have our experts already on staff.  The CEO is also an agronomist, the CFO is a loan officer at a local bank, and the next level of management is working with the crops and livestock daily.

Crop Scouting!
Now, I would like to show you our "Factory Farm" in motion.  We have quite a few machines that make our "Factory" work.  One is pictured above with the Corporate Staff.  This machine (a.k.a. Tractor) is a very sophisticated machine which happens to ride a lot better than my vehicle. It also is equipped with a GPS system that allows us to use the latest technology when planting our crops, doing field work and applying fertilizer.


Above are a couple more of the machines that allow our factory to produce our products.  These machines help keep our labor costs down to help make our farm (which is also a business) profitable.

I have read many comments that suggest the reckless use of chemicals and pesticides on our crops and in the use of antibiotics on our animals.  First of all, the use of GMO seeds has reduced the amount of chemicals, pesticides and commercial fertilizers that we need to use to produce our crops.  This is much better for the environment.  We are using technology to help feed the world and lessen the amount of products that we have to use.  I am not saying that using GMO's is the answer for everyone.  As farmers, we have to do what is best for our farming situation.  Also, chemicals, fertilizers and pesticides are expensive.  It would not make sense for us to overuse them because it cuts into our bottom line.  We farm for a living and want to do what is right for our families and the land.  Family farmers are stewards of the land.  We want this land to be here and in production for the generations to come.

Next, antibiotics are also used in moderation.  They are only given to animals when they are sick. As parents, we take our kids to the doctor when they are sick and give them medicine as needed.  It is the same with our animals.  We call the doctor, who still makes house calls, and treat the animals with the doctors recommended dosage.  We are aware of any withdrawal times on any medicines given to keep those animals from going to market during those times. Again, just like chemicals, antibiotics are expensive and reckless use of them only cuts into our bottom line.  We work very hard to have healthy livestock herds.

These are our "stock holders" that we answer to every day.  Whether it is 30 degrees below zero or a beautiful day to be outside, we are caring for these peeps every day.  It is our responsibility to care for our animals, crops and land.  We have visions of the future for our children, and that starts right here on our farm.  You may think that big corporations and factory farms is what agriculture has become.  Just ask a real farmer if you want to know the truth.  Our doors are open, and we love to talk about what we do.  It is our passion!  We are far from Farmed and Dangerous.  Instead, we are just trying to make a living for our families and our future generations!


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