Monday, January 13, 2014

Let the Family Fun Begin!

What a difference a week makes in the winter time!  Last week it was 40 below zero, and this week it is 50 above zero.  Yesterday was such a beautiful day that we just had to take advantage of it.

We have one of the heifers signed up for her first show in a couple of weeks so we thought it would be a perfect day to work with her.

Both heifers got to go for a little walk around the yard, and then over to be washed.  They both seemed to enjoy their baths.  Lily and Belle both enjoy being around people.  They are so much fun to work with!!

After their bath, we took them into the shop to be combed and blew out.  Neither of them had been in the grooming chute yet this year.  Things went pretty well walking them in there.  Belle will also be getting a hair cut this week in preparation for the show.

JM is getting back in his groove of working with his calves every day.  This time of the year it is hard to balance homework, basketball, and getting out there to work with the calves.  He always gets his chores done, but finding that extra time for walking and grooming is more of a trick.  We all enjoy the calf projects so much that this is more like family fun than work.

Our family is very excited to start show season.  We have met so many great people showing cattle.  Each show is a new and enjoyable adventure for our family.