Sunday, March 10, 2013

Snowy Day

We awoke this morning to beautiful snow falling and...................blowing!  The weekend began with rain on Friday night and all day Saturday.  No complaints here as we badly need the moisture.  The rain turned to snow overnight which also means that this beautiful snow also had a layer of ice underneath.  We had to take care as we traveled between farms and through the cattle yards today.

Our morning view!
Most people enjoy their relaxing snow days.  They tuck in under a blanket, watch a movie or just enjoy their family time.  For those of us with livestock, it looks much different.  We got right out there this morning and starting feeding the cattle.  Then we checked the cows and calves to make sure everyone was doing well, and also checked for new babies (who seem to like this type of weather to make their appearance.)  The next step is to bed all the pens so they cattle have a warm and dry place to lay down.

The view hadn't changed much when we went back out to do evening chores.  We have a nice grove around our house, and I was surprised at how much the snow was still blowing as we got past the yard.

In spite of the snow storm, the cattle were still glad to see the feeder wagon again this evening.  Even though we didn't get to enjoy our "snow day" tucked in out of the elements, we did have some good family time making sure our livestock were well taken care of.