Monday, July 15, 2013

Spa Week on the Farm

It is the week before our County Fair, and we are very busy getting prepared!  The calves have been given a daily bath or two along with brushing, blow drying and styling since sometime in May.  They spend their days in the barn being pampered in their stall area on fans to keep them cool.

Last week the calves went for a little ride to get their "nails" done.  They actually got their hooves trimmed.  Sometimes their hooves grow quite large and curve a bit.  When you have them trimmed, it makes it easier for them to walk.

They also got their first haircut this week.  Since they are kept cool during the day, they grow a lot of hair.  This hair is great for grooming them for the show ring.  They do need to be trimmed up a bit in order to looked groomed and not shaggy.  We have a few "styling" products that we will use on show day to pretty them up even more.

JM is excited to head to the fair next Monday.  He really enjoys working with his calves and showing them.  Fair is a great learning experience!!  He made some great new friends last year, and got to enjoy the full 4-H experience.  It is not about the awards and ribbons that makes the fair great for him.  It is about the experiences with the work of getting to the fair and enjoying the satisfaction of showing off that hard work in the ring.  The relationships are unforgettable - from the animals that become part of your family to the new friends you make!