Monday, May 13, 2013

Mother's Day Weekend in Review...

Mother's Day weekend was full of action for our little family.  It started off with a fairly quiet Friday night.  We just did a short family road trip to another Pioneer dealer to pick up some seed for one of our customers.  Roger and I started laying out our plan of attack for the weekend as soon as we got home.  Saturday morning would be off to an early start for all of us.

Things started by getting hooked up and ready to get started planting corn!  Roger was very busy at the seed store, and JM and I began with a trip to Spencer with the livestock trailer to switch things out.  Then home to change clothes and attend our niece's bridal shower in town.  Next, we went back to Spencer to pick up some plants for the flower bed and some pots.  I wanted to plant my Mother's Day planter to take to the cemetery and the pots by the garage.  After returning home, we took our carpet cleaner to our old house and cleaned the carpets.  The next task was to actually get the planting done.  With the help of my aunt, we completed our planting.  We moved all the new plantings inside since it was supposed to freeze Saturday night.  We were all finished in time to make supper and get it to the guys in the field.  Roger and I saw each other long enough to make a plan for Sunday......Mother's Day.

My wonderful husband managed to make a late Saturday night trip to get some flowers for me for Mother's Day.  Who knew that you could find flowers in our little neck of the woods at 11:00 p.m.?  We both knew that Mother's Day was going be a little hectic.

Roger's day started out with chores and heading back to the seed store.  JM and I started our day with church and making dinner for the guys in the field.  Between getting seed for customers and running back and forth to our own fields things were a little crazy.  JM and I loaded up the lawn mower and started mowing lawns.  JM has a summer job of mowing a neighbors lawn, and we started there.  Next, we moved up to Jacob's acreage (the guy who works for us) and mowed his lawn since he has been busy with field work.  Lastly, we moved to our old acreage to mow.  JM hopped on the mower, and I took the loader tractor to the garage and started cleaning!  Not fun, but it has to be done.  Our day ended with the corn planting finished, lawns mowed and a trip to the Taco House at Okoboji to pick up supper and meet Roger at home.  He managed to grab a quick bite with us before heading back to the seed store to load customers.

We had quite a busy weekend!  No pampering or being taken out, but we all got to do what we loved.....farming!!