Thursday, May 23, 2013

Little Sprouts

Our spring has been a little challenging to say the least.  Cold weather, snow storms and rain have delayed what we usually call a "normal" spring.  As of today, we still have area farmers trying to get their corn and bean crops in before the next rain which is forecast for tomorrow.

I walked out to the field tonight to check on the progress of our corn crop.  The corn is up and looking very good.  It was nice to have the sun out today.  Today's sunshine did wonders for the crops as well as the farmers needing to return to the field.

The stand in the field looks very good.  The nice rains that we have had make the soil in very good condition for crop emergence.

The other nicely emerging crop is our new lawn.  It was seeded last Wednesday and is coming up nicely.  We can thank Mother Nature for the timely rains and a good sprinkler to help this new grass seed do its magic.

Our Memorial Day weekend sounds like rain again.  The delays in getting our crops in means a possibility of decreased yields at harvest.  Hopefully, today and tomorrow will be enough of a window for some area farmers to finish up planting their crops.