Sunday, January 29, 2012

Calving Season 2012

This morning marked the beginning of calving season for our family as one of our homegrown heifers had her baby early this morning.  This new addition was a beautiful bouncing baby boy!  (Just like the ultrasound said it would be!  :)) She had him on her own and all cleaned up by the time we got out there to check them this morning.

We made sure everyone was OK and got mother and baby into a nicely bedded pen in the building.  JM was very excited to jump right in there and make friends with the new addition.  However, LuLu (the new mother) is still a little anxious so JM will have to wait a little while to get in the pen with them.  JM did manage to come up with a name for the new little guy, and it is George.

George is very cute!  We all love this time of year!  We can't wait to have more new babies to join our farm family!