Saturday, December 29, 2012

Our Big Project...

If you are a regular visitor to my blog, it was very obvious that I was absent from posting from Spring until,  Along with all of the "normal" busy happenings on our farm, we started a big project last Spring that took until Mid-Fall to complete.  On April 9, 2012, we began with this:

This was when the hole was dug, and we began to build our new home.  This whole process was a little bitter sweet for me.  I was excited for the new home which we were building on the farm I grew up on.  On the other hand, it meant that I had to clean out and take down the house I grew up in.  The building process seemed to move along quickly which didn't give me much time to work on cleaning out the old house.

The basement walls went up.  The old home had a lot of water problems in the basement.  Therefore, we opted to only dig our new basement down 4 feet into the ground.  Good thing we have a semi truck since we are going to need a LOT of fill dirt.

Next, the outside walls went up and things were starting to take shape.  It amazed me every day how much progress they made.

It wasn't long and the roof went on.  By this time, I was seriously working at getting the house cleaned out.  But...I am a procrastinator by nature, so I took a little break from the process until it came down to crunch time.  The people that were coming to take the house down gave me two days notice.  So, we spent our 4th of July holiday cleaning out the rest of the house and the attic.  There was much more "stuff" in the attic than I anticipated!!  We managed to complete the cleaning that day since the next day the house would come down.  Fortunately for me, I had to work.  Roger took a couple of pictures for me, but I just couldn't be there to watch my childhood home disappear.

After the garage was moved and the house was down, we were finally able to envision what our home was going to look like.  We had a great contractor that made the whole process fairly easy.  It was hard to believe that a floor plan that started on a piece of scratch paper was actually taking shape.  We had found a home that we liked the look of about 40 miles west of our area.  I took a picture of the home on the way by, and that is what we modeled the outside of the home by.  We made a few modifications to fit our floor plan, but it has turned out just as we had hoped.

We were able to move into our new home on October 13, 2012.  Good thing harvest was early this year and help was available.  We are pretty much settled into our new home and loving it!