Sunday, December 16, 2012

Oh Christmas Tree....

As Christmas quickly approaches, our little family set out this Sunday afternoon to carry out a Family Tradition....choosing the family Christmas Tree.  JM had his Christmas program at church this morning to get us in the mood for the rest of the day.  I just love hearing the kids sing the traditional Christmas Carols!  After church was over and chores were done, we made the trip to a nearby town to choose our tree.

Also in family tradition, we like to wait for a light dusting of snow to pick out just the perfect tree.  The weather cooperated nicely last night to add the snow we were needing.  We walked through the tree farm to find just the perfect one.

After a little discussion, I believe we have found the perfect tree to take home.  This will be our first Christmas tree in our new home, so JM is determined that it fit that perfect description.

The sawing begins!  We all have our jobs when we go on the tree hunt:  JM is the tree hauler, Roger is the tree cutter, and I am the one who captures the memories.

The hunt is over and we are ready to take our tree home to decorate.  JM is excited since it is also a family tradition to add an ornament to our collection every year.  Our tree decorations are not color matched, but instead a collection of ornaments we have acquired as a family or from our families.  That makes it much more beautiful to us, and constantly reminds us of the true reason for the Christmas Season.


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