Sunday, July 22, 2012

County Fair Time

Our County Fair is beginning this weekend, and this is the first year that JM will be showing his cattle as a project for 4-H.  He is very excited to participate!  We have been preparing for this event for months.   JM has been feeding, watering, washing, leading and grooming these calves.  He is quite anxious to show off his hard work!

JM and Allie
JM has two market steers and a breeding heifer that he will be shown.  The market steers will most likely get sold at the end of the fair.  This will be a very sad day for our family since we have become quite attached to them.  They become a part of your family when you spend hours with them every single day!  Our breeding heifer, Allie, will come back home after the fair and hopefully go back to the fair next year as a cow/calf pair.

Allie has become quite close to JM.  She started out the project as a market heifer, but we decided that maybe she would make a great cow since she has such a wonderful personality.

Tonight, we made our way to the fairgrounds and put bedding in our stalls to prepare for the arrival of Charlie, Mikey and Allie to the fair tomorrow morning.

We are using straw bales to give the calves a comfortable bed to lay on in the barns at the fairgrounds.

JM could hardly go to sleep tonight since he is SO excited to have his first fair experience.  He loves working with his calves.  We can't wait to watch JM proudly walk his calves into the ring.  The cattle show is on Tuesday, and it is supposed to be over 100 degrees here that day.  Usually, the day of the cattle show brings some rain to our area, and we are praying that this year is no exception.  We really need the rain and would gladly have to deal with the mud!


  1. Good luck at your fair this week! Hopefully the rain comes as "tradition" tomorrow during the cattle show.