Thursday, April 26, 2012


Planting season is in full swing in our area.  Everyone waited for some rain to come before they started putting corn in the ground, and now they are trying to get most of it in before the next round of showers.  A lot of corn acres have been planted in the last 4 days around here.....including some of our own.  My husband, Roger, is also a seed rep for Pioneer Hi-Bred so this time of the year gets pretty crazy at our house trying to be full time at our seed business, feeding cattle and getting our own crop planted.  A lot of late nights and early mornings! we got started planting our own corn.  We should be 3/4 of the way done before the rain comes tomorrow - at least if the weather man is correct.  It is amazing how many acres they can cover in a day.

Having a seed tender to fill the planter helps keep things moving along.  We can get our corn in bulk units and not have to stop to break bags into the planter.  It would be nice to get a little rain on the newly planted fields.  Then we would love to see some warm weather and sunshine to get it to pop out of the ground.

While all of this corn planting is going on, JM and I did a little planting of our own.  We started our tomato and pepper plants from seed again this year.

Hopefully, this will work as nicely as it did last year.  We cut down the number of plants that we planted this year.  The garden was quite full last year, and we did a LOT of canning.

I hope everyone is having a good and safe planting season!


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