Monday, April 23, 2012

Endless Projects

As I look back to last fall, we started our shop project.  The shop was completed last fall, and in the hustle and bustle of harvest, I don't think I ever posted the finished product.  It actually turned out great!  Roger and Jacob were quite happy to have their equipment inside the warm shop this winter.  It was a nice place to work on things and was already warm when they arrived in the morning so they started right up.

With this project complete.....there had to be another one on the horizon, and, of course, there was.  Next on the list was moving one building to the other side of the shop to make room for moving a garage to the south side of the shop.  Kind of like musical buildings!  Since we had such a long fall and mild winter, things worked out quite nicely to ready the new floors for the move.

Building #1 to be moved.
This building is a really nice storage shed, and we decided to move it to the north side of the shop to open this spot up for the garage that we need to move.

Building #1 in its new home.
The move went very well and took place early this spring.  Then they had to get rid of the old cement and pour new cement to move the garage.

Building #2 in its new home.
This is the garage that was only moved about 200 feet from its original home.  This garage was sitting next to the house on the farm I grew up on.  We had to move this garage as we are making way for yet another project to take off.......our new home.  We are building a house on this farm in order to be closer to the majority of our animals.  I am very excited to move back to our "home place" and have JM make some great memories there as well.

Stay tuned as I will be posting pictures of the latest project. the new project takes off, spring planting is getting underway.  A lot of new beginnings!


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