Monday, October 31, 2011

Family Farming

We have had an extremely  busy fall on our farm.  With the weather being so dry, we have gone from chopping silage to combining beans, then into combining corn and now doing tillage work. between all of that we have managed to clean pens and get ready for new calves to come in.  It is a crazy time of year, but we wouldn't trade it for anything else.

Roger made a trip to North Dakota last week Thursday to be there to load trucks with new calves on Friday morning.  We got in 2 loads of new calves on Friday night, 2 loads on Saturday morning, and 2 more loads on Monday morning.  There were a lot of little babies missing their the whole neighborhood could hear!  I think this is the first year that we have gotten in new calves that we haven't had cold weather or ice/snow to welcome them.

New babies!
Since corn harvest is all done for us, it has been time to bale cornstalks for bedding this winter, pick up those bales from the fields and do tillage work.  We never quite know when the weather is going to change so we all pitch in and work hard to get those jobs done.

Saturday, I made a parts run for Roger in the morning, and ran the disc ripper in the field on Saturday afternoon.  It wasn't too bad of a job to have for the afternoon.  The tractor has auto-steer in it.  So, I just had to lift the ripper on the ends and turn around.  Having me in the tractor freed up Roger to help Jacob pick up bales and haul manure.

It was actually a great day to be out in the field!  Since I have a full time job now, I don't get to help as much as I would like, but I pitch in whenever I can.  I was able to take a couple of pictures while I was disc ripping since I didn't have to steer through the field. 

We just have a couple of fields left to do tillage on, and we can wrap things up for the winter.  All of our manure is hauled for now, and as of today, the cornstalk bales are picked up and hauled home.

There are a never ending list of things to do on our farm every day.  But...we love that we can all pitch in and work together to get those things done!  I means that we get to spend our family time doing what we love....farming!

Monday, October 17, 2011

Corn harvest is done!

Harvest has gone very smoothly this year for us.  And....Saturday, we knew if we worked hard we could get the corn combining finished.  I had an appointment in town at noon, and Roger needed to go to a customer's to do weigh checks mid-afternoon.  So...we made a plan to get the field done.  When I was finished in town, I headed out to the farm to take over combining for Roger.  That sounds easy, right?  However, I have not run the combine before just the grain cart.  I had a quick 15 minute crash course, and Roger was off leaving me in the field all by myself.  I had plenty of wagons to fill so I just got to work! 

My Saturday afternoon fun!
Roger left at about 2:30 p.m. and got back about 6:00 p.m.  By this time, Jacob, our extra help, had returned from hauling loads with the semi to dump the wagons I had filled.  Roger then jumped in the combine, and JM and I were back in the grain cart.  Needless to say, we finished the field Saturday night around midnight.  As much as we all love this time of the year, it is still a great feeling to have that last field finished.  Now we can move on to baling corn stalks, hauling manure, and getting ready for new calves to come in this weekend.  There is never a dull moment here!

Monday, October 10, 2011

Harvest Time

Harvest time is one of my favorite times of year.  I love the beautiful weather, the fall smell that is in the air, and of course, all of the hustle and bustle that goes with being a farmer trying to harvest their crops!  It surely has been a crazy last few weeks on our farm!  We have gone from bean harvest straight into corn harvest with no time to even catch our breath.  Along with all of that, I have also started a new job off the farm in the last week as well.  I guess that just makes us appreciate the time that we do get to spend together a little bit more.  Since my new off the farm job is at a bank, I was lucky enough to have today off - Columbus Day, and JM also had the day off from school.  It was great for us to have a chance to work around the farm.  We did some running this morning to pick up things that we needed.  This afternoon we had the job of running the grain cart.

My husband has also been helping his father harvest this week.  So, by the time we got to combining some of our own corn today it was getting to be the middle of the afternoon.  We have a couple of loads that still need to be delivered to the ethanol plant in Hartley, and they closed at 4 p.m. today so we didn't make it in time.  We just filled the semi truck, wagons and grain carts, and will get those delivered in the morning.  Them we can set the auger up on a new bin and start filling a bin on our yard.

I was having some fun taking pictures from the grain cart today.  This one was taken using the mirror since it was about time for me to start moving and catch on the go.  :) 

Corn harvest is going really quickly since mother nature has does such a wonderful job of drying down the corn we won't have to run any of it through our drying bin.  That saves us time and money!  The only problems that we have had this fall have been the high winds the last couple of weeks.  It has increased the risk of fire in the fields since everything is so dry right now.  We have had quite a few fires in the area which has made everyone more cautious.  We either quit combing on the really windy days or make sure that you have a disc hooked up and in the field ready to go in case a fire starts.

JM and I had a great time working in the field today.  It gave us an opportunity to have some family time even if we weren't all in the same piece of machinery.  We were all doing what we love - farming!