Thursday, September 29, 2011

Wild Harvest Day

Well, we are fully into bean harvest.  The combines have been rolling full speed all week.  We do not have any beans of our own, but we have been helping out my cousin and combining his beans.  Roger started on a field yesterday and finished this morning.  We took a little field trip to ride with him after church school last night.

There was no breeze at all last night, and the dust just hung around the combine.  It was hard to see as you went through the field.  Today was the complete opposite!  The wind blew about 30-40 mph all day.  There were numerous field fires around our area today.  One even started about 3/4 of a mile from our house.  The wind just kept increasing the intesity of the fire, and it went for about 1 mile before they were able to get it under control.  It burned off some beans, and unfortunately, someone's home as well.  This fire crossed the major highway that goes through our area.  They even announced on the local radio station that they would like to have farmers stop harvesting today to eliminate the chances for more fires.

This is part of the field of beans that burned along the highway.  The home that was destroyed would have been back to the right.  So sad!

Harvest will resume tomorrow as usual, and hopefully this will be the last of the major fires for the season.


  1. Can not believe I came across this! I had just googled "best way to feed cattle" while studying animal science here at SDSU, and happened to click on one of your pictures. I immediately recognized John, then scrolled down and thought I recognized the ashes of our field! Small world ay?
    - Austin Peterson