Wednesday, September 21, 2011


Rocks are something that most farmers do not like to deal with.  They do major damage to your combine when they go through as well as other farm equipment in the field.  Like most farm kids, I had many "opportunities" to spend days out in the field picking them up to avoid equipment damage. you can imagine, when I mentioned putting a rock in the yard and landscaping with them my husband thought I was crazy.  After some convincing and a little work on my part to get the area ready, I had him convinced.

My mother had a spot south of our barn that she had landscaped with rocks several years ago.  Since the area had not been taken care of for the last few years, it was overgrown and needed to be redone.  I dug out all of the rocks that surrounded the area since they had sunken into the ground, and we pulled out the overgrown bushes.  We leveled off the area and added some new dirt.  We were pouring some more cement in the cattle yard on Monday and had enough left over to pour a little pad for my large rock!  Today was the day to move the rock.

Roger and Jacob carefully moved the rock over to the new pad.  We are hoping that this will keep in from settling into the ground.  Setting it was a little tricky, but after a few minor adjustments, the rock has been put into place.

We will probably wait until Spring to do anymore with the area, but at least we have a start.  Now we can focus on harvest, and I won't be bugging the guys for anymore "help" on my projects.