Sunday, September 18, 2011

Relaxing Sunday?

For most people, Sunday is day to relax and enjoy some family time.  However, on our farm they seem to be family project days.  We have a bunch of projects left to complete before we get busy with harvest and/or the weather turns against us.  Today's family project was cutting down apple trees at the other farm.  We had 3 large and 1 small apple trees that haven't produced apples for the last few years and needed to be removed.  Roger grabbed the chain saw from the machine shed, and JM and I grabbed our gloves and a rake.  It wasn't long and the first large tree was down and cleaned up.  As we were starting on the second tree, my cousin stopped over.  He saw what we were up to and headed home to grab his chain saw and came back to help.  In just a couple of hours, we had all of the apple trees down and cleaned up as well as some wild mulberry trees that had popped up in the old garden area. 

These trees were located right behind where the new shop is being built.  Now the crew will have plenty of room to maneuver around when setting rafters or putting on steel.

After we finished this family project, we cleaned up and headed over to the Clay County Fair.  We love to walk through all of the farm equipment on display and check out the animals that are in the barns.  We came home with two new cattle waters for our yards and a new toy semi truck and two trailers for JM.

As for relaxing Sundays, we don't see too many of those, but we still get to enjoy each other's company and the farm!