Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Chopping Silage

It's silage chopping season in our area, and this year we decided to take a little different approach to chopping ours.  The chopper that we have is older and takes a little TLC before the season begins.  Since summer projects got off to a slow start this year, the chopper didn't get out of the shed in time to get that needed TLC.  So...we enlisted the help of Jake Franken and his crew at Franken Custom Chopping.  They had put up some haylage for us in June so we were familiar with the drill.  The group pulled in about 7:30 last night and started opening up the field.

We also had our customer appreciation supper last night at our seed dealership.  Therefore, I did not get back to the farm before dark to start taking pictures.  It was really fun to watch them go!

They were using a big Claas silage chopper.  It was amazing how fast they moved through the field.  The chopper was able to take 12 rows at a time!  That sure beats the four rows that our older John Deere chopper takes!  I wasn't sure if I would have the opportunity to get some shots in the daylight today before they finished so I did the best I could last night in the dark.

I managed to make it over to the other farm this morning when they were on their LAST round.  That chopper sure filled up the trucks in a hurry!

The silage looked great and smelled really good too.  I love the smell of fresh cut silage.

By 10:30 this morning they had the bunker filled and packed.  The new cattle are going to LOVE this in their feed ration!

And the small pile that we put out back was also finished.  We will be tarping that pile tonight.  This silage chopping year went a lot quicker that usual.  If we had used our chopper, we would be chopping for about 4 days.  They had it finished in less that 6 hours.  Now we can concentrate on getting equipment ready for the rest of harvest to begin.