Monday, August 1, 2011


The calf show that JM is going to participate in is fast approaching, and the boys are making progress (at least it appears that way.)  They love to get washed and brushed daily.  The routine is pretty set.

Rudy walks from the barn right into the grooming chute.  He loves have the water run on him especially when it is as hot as it was today.  They will get clipped in the next couple of days to get them "pretty" for the show on Saturday.  It is supposed to be a little cooler by then so the boys might be a little more fiesty.

Rudy and JM go for a walk tonight after washing and brushing him.  He did pretty well tonight on his walk.  Ralphie had a little more energy tonight.  If he keeps that up, he will have to stay home on Saturday since he is too big for JM to handle alone.

As they headed back towards the barn, JM had a little "talk" with Rudy to keep him moving!  Saturday is going to be so much fun!  This is truly a family project that we all enjoy!!


  1. Good luck. Will you be showing at the State Fair as well. We are working on getting our Hereford cattle ready.