Monday, August 22, 2011

Loading Cattle

Last night we had a load of fat cattle going out.  We had some family bonding time sorting cattle to be put on the truck.  JM stood in the bunk with his sorting stick keeping the biggest heifers on one end of the lane, and Roger and I did the picking.  After we had our chosen group out of the pen, we just sat back and waited for the truck to arrive.

Waiting to load.
Backed in and ready to load.
JM and I just stayed out of the way, and let Roger and the truck driver do the loading.  The cattle stay calmer if there aren't so many people in the loading area.  It didn't take long and all of the heifers were on the truck and ready to go.

Ready to go!

JM waves goodbye to the heifers.  We only have a few loads of cattle left to get loaded out.  Then we will get the building and yards all spruced up for the new groups to come in this fall.  It's always exciting to see the cattle that you worked so hard to care for all year go to market.  It means the beginning of our harvest time.  Which means chopping silage is right around the corner.