Thursday, August 25, 2011

Let the construction begin

We are putting up a new shop on the farm this summer.  It will be nice to have a warm place to work on equipment this winter.  Also, this way all of the tools will be in one spot instead of in two different machine sheds.  Monday, they started to trench in where the footings needed to be.  Tuesday and yesterday, they poured the footings and stub walls.

We took down the two bins that were next to the shop last weekend.  The cement from the bin floors got hauled away today as well, and the area was leveled out.  We are excited to see the new building take shape.


  1. I am looking forward to the progress and completion of this project. I want to see the structure upon completion.

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  2. That will be a huge shop you are working on. Please post pictures after completion!

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  3. You should have uploaded the floor plans online too so we could visualize what is being put up there now. How is the construction going on now? I hope this would be very useful to everyone in your location.

  4. You are lucky to have your own lot to build your own shop. Our company is just starting out and we even have to find an affordable office space for rent in Makati so that we have a place for our operations that would fit our budget. I hope this construction has been successful and your shop is doing well.