Saturday, August 20, 2011

Iowa State Fair

Friday was Iowa Corn Day at the Iowa State Fair, and I had the opportunity to participate!  My schedule for the day was to help out at the Iowa Corn booth, participate in a CommonGround presentation and introduce the Thank a Farmer Magic Show.  I arrived a little early in order to check out some of the "new" fair food that was available and, of course, check out the Butter Cow!

 My cousin and her daughter were with me to help out with the sampling.  First, we tried the Red Velvet Funnel Cake.  Yum!  But, honestly, how could it not be good????  Deep fried and covered in powdered sugar and cream cheese frosting!

Then, we moved on to the Deep Fried Butter on a stick.  This was interesting and very hard to eat.  It tasted like a cinnamon roll covered in butter.  Needless to say, it was so rich that the three of us were unable to finish it.  At that point I was on sugar and deep fried overload and gave up on the food trials.  Besides, we had to find the Butter Cow before I needed to start my other duties.

We managed to locate the Butter Cow.  The Butter Sculptures always amaze me at the Iowa State Fair.  It has been several years since we have made it to the Iowa State Fair, and it was nice to be able to attend the fair this year.  I even managed to come home with an Iowa State Cyclones shirt for JM with the Butter Cow on it!

I helped out at the Iowa Corn booth for a couple of hours which was a lot of fun.  I helped people sign up to win Iowa vs Iowa State Football Tickets and made "corn babies" with the kids.  It was fun to show the kids how to grow their own corn.  U.S. Secretary of Agriculture, Tom Vilsack, visited the booth while I was working as well.  I was also able to check out the new Cy-Hawk trophy up close.  Iowa can be proud that our corn and soybean farmers so strongly support both schools and their athletic teams!  The new trophy pays tribute to that pride whether you are a Hawkeye fan or a Cyclone fan.

At our CommonGround presentation, we got the crowd involved by playing an Ag Fact Game.  It was fun to see how much the crowd really knew about agriculture in the United States and in Iowa.  Iowa Corn Association and Iowa Soybean Association sponsored the prizes for the game.  After we finished our game, we were happily surprised by one of our fellow CommonGround volunteers from Nebraska who was at the Iowa State Fair showing cattle with her family.

My last event of the day was to introduce the Thank a Farmer Magic Show in the Ag Learning Center.  If you ever have the opportunity to see this show, make sure that you take the time to watch.  Rhonda does a fantastic job of doing magic as well as teaching us just how many products we use every day are made from things that we grow right here on our own farms.

I had a great day at the Iowa State Fair!  I can't wait to come back next year and bring the rest of my family!

Iowa State Fair celebrating 100 years of the Butter Cow!