Sunday, August 21, 2011


Change is something that occurs everyday, and our farm is no exception to that rule.  We are in the process of "changing" some things on the farm that I grew up on.  The old chicken house which had been converted to a farrowing house years ago was taken down early this summer.  This is to make way for the new shop to be put up yet this summer.  A large tree came down last week to allow us to reposition fuel barrels and make some more room to work on the yard.  And last night, we had one grain bin moved and one taken down to give us more room by the shop and to make a spot for a another building to be moved there.  In this case, change means progress.  All this change is to make our farming operation more efficient.
Grain Bin in its new home.

The new shop area.

Change happens quickly!  This was all done within an hour last night.  Monday they will start pouring footings for the new shop.  In a way, it is hard to see the old buildings go away, but I know that the changes we are making are good for our operation.