Sunday, August 7, 2011

Cattle Show

Yesterday we entered 2 of our market steers in a local open cattle show to give JM some experience showing calves.  He spent every day washing, grooming and walking the steers.  They have become very close to him.  He couldn't wait to take them to the show and parade them around in the show ring.  This is only the 2nd time that JM has had the opportunity to show calves, and he enjoys every minute of it!

Ralphie and JM in the ring!
Ralphie was the first of the two to enter the ring.  He is more of a fat steer than a show steer, but JM wanted him to go to the show since he showed him last year as a feeder steer at the same show.  I think saying goodbye to Ralphie is not going to be easy for JM or the rest of us!

JM was very nervous going into the ring with Ralphie.  He wasn't sure he remembered what to do.  But....he did great!  Ralphie followed him and did just as he was supposed to.  What we didn't realize was how much Ralphie and Rudy had become attached to each other.  Separating them for showing made them the "noisy steers in the ring until, of course, they were happily back together at the trailer.

Rudy and JM in the ring.
Rudy also did quite well in the ring for JM.  It was a very warm afternoon, and the animals were all on their best behavior.  JM did not walk away with a trophy, but he did have a great time showing and thought it was all a great experience no matter what the outcome.  He is very proud of the work that he did with his calves, and we commend him for putting in the effort to make this his project.  He can't wait to show in the 4-H shows next year!  And we can't wait to be there to help him every step of the way.  This has become a great family project!!

Our little family and Rudy!


  1. The cattle looked great, and more importantly it looks like you had a great time. If you like cattle shows there is a show on RFD-TV tonight called Champion of Champions that you might like - 7 CST.

  2. Great work! Looks like a blast.