Sunday, July 24, 2011


Yesterday I had the opportunity to travel to Glenwood, IA for the start of RAGBRAI.  I represented Iowa Corn Growers at the Farmers Feed US booth at the RAGBRAI Expo.  It was a fun to meet people from all across the country who came to Iowa to ride their bicycles across our state.  We distributed maps to the riders showing them where the Farmers Feed US stops were along the way.  They will also have the opportunity to collect "Spoke Cards" along the way and have a chance to win an iPad which is courtesy of Farmers Feed US.

There were literally thousands of bicycles and people making their way around Glenwood yesterday.  The heat index was well over a hundred degrees.  This made for a great day for the Sno Cone stand!  We met a lot of fantastic people as they made their way through the expo.  Our stay was cut short by Severe Thunderstorm Warning.  We had to take down our tent about 20 minutes early to avoid the storm.

Prior to the storm coming through, Offit Air Force Base treated the crowd to views of the B-2 Stealth Bomber flying over.  It was a pretty awesome sight!

B-2 Stealth Bomber flying over.
I wish the 2011 RAGBRAI riders and supporters the best of luck as they make their way across southern Iowa.