Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Breaking Calves

Well.....it's summer, it's county fair time, and it's cattle show time.  JM participated in his first cattle show last August in the neighboring town.  After that, it was all over....he was hooked!  We are still a year away from being able to show for 4-H at the county fair so the Summer Show is a great way to "break him in!"  Roger and JM have starting working with the calves to get them broke and ready for the Summer Show which is on August 6th.  One of the calves is the same one that JM showed as a baby last year, and his name is Ralphie.

This is Rudy, and he loves to get a bath after a hot day.  We have been washing them in the evenings, and working on halter breaking them during the day.  They actually don't mind that since it involves having fans on them all day.

This is Ralphie, and he loves to be brushed.  Once he got his halter on and started heading for the area with the fan, memories of how things went last year came back to him pretty quickly.  He knew just what the routine was.  I think I was more nervous last year for JM to go into the ring with a 500 lb calf than JM was.  Now Ralphie is 3 times as big so, I would imagine, that MOM will be nervous again this year!  Getting the calves ready to show in the ring is fun for our whole family. 
Bath time for Rudy & Ralphie