Monday, June 27, 2011

Working Calves

We spent a fantastic weekend enjoying the Iowa Corn Indy 250 in Des Moines (which I will post about later,) but we were happy to get back to the farm yesterday to get our calves ready to go to the pasture.  We have a group of cows and calves that have been grazing our grove waiting to head out to pasture.  The "girls" have been finding their way out of the grove and into our garden.  Yesterday was the day to get them ready to go since we came home to find 4 of them grazing the yard.  The calves needed their vaccinations before they are taken out to the grass. 

We rounded up the little ones and put them in a holding pen.  As you can see, they are a little muddy.  We have had an abundance of rain this month and the area around their bale feeder has gotten a little muddy.  They are getting fed hay bales also to supplement the grass they eating.  The rain has also helped the pastures become more lush for grazing.

The calves each received two vaccines to prevent them from getting sick.  Just like we vaccinate our children from diseases, the calves also need that disease protection.  We want to keep them healthy!  The group was small and it did not take long to run them through.

The group is finished and ready to go back out with their mothers.  Tomorrow they will go to pasture and have thick lush grass to munch on.

JM and Copper were there for support!


  1. So glad to meet you this weekend. Your son is adorable. My daughter was amazed as she learned so much about farming from him!