Monday, May 2, 2011

Seed Corn

Besides farming, my husband is also a Pioneer Seed Rep.  Therefore, Spring time is filled with a little extra activity for us.  One of us needs to be at the seed store, which is on main street in town, most of the time.  The majority of our farm work this time of the year is done by tractor lights or with some assistance since I work full time also.  After work today, I stopped at the seed store and was amazed at how much seed has gone out the last couple of days.  It is amazing what a little sunshine can do!!

The sun has dried out the ground, and the planters are rolling as quickly as they can.  The farmers have been patiently waiting for their opportunity to get their corn planted.  If the weather stays good, there won't be much corn left to plant in our area by the weekend.  Now Mother Nature just needs to turn up the thermostat!  It is supposed to be below freezing again tonight.

Empty corn boxes.
We had several empty corn boxes sitting in front of the seed store today.  These boxes could have 20, 30, 40 or even 50 bags of corn in them.  We lift them above the seed tenders with the forklift and empty the boxes into the tender wagon.  One of these boxes could have enough seed to cover anywhere from 50-125 acres of corn depending on the number of bags in the box.  You may see the red square labels on the boxes - those indicate that the seed is treated.  The corn seed has a treatment on it to protect the seed.

Spring and Fall are really great times of the year.  I love that everything is so busy, and we make a lot of progress in a short amount of time.  It also means that we will soon get to care for this wonderful new crop that is emerging.  We enjoy caring for the crops during the growing season and nurturing the land that the crops grow on.  Farming is a very rewarding lifestyle!!