Thursday, May 5, 2011

It's Good to Be a Farmer!!

As of 7:00 p.m. last night, the corn is officially in the ground!  We are 100% corn again this year so we can just sit back and wait for it to pop out of the ground.  Well it's almost like that......maybe more like check it every couple of days to make sure it is sprouting, and once it sprouts and comes up we can worry that it will all grow nicely and have a good stand.  Then we need to watch over the crop and worry all summer that we will get enough rain, and pray that the hail will stay away.  We will scout the fields to make sure we don't have too many weeds.  All of this care and worry is worth every second to be a part of growing a portion of our food and fuel supply.

Dave, who farms the land surrounding our acreage, worked hard yesterday to get the farm planted.  They were forecasting rain last night, and the area farmers put in a lot of extra hours this week to get their crops in the ground.

Loading the planter
There were numerous acres worked and planted after the sun went down.  The tractor lights served as a few extra hours of sunlight to get more work done.  We missed out on the rain last night.  By the weekend most of the area corn should be planted, and farmers are moving on to planting beans.  Bring on the sunshine and warm temperatures!!

The seed store has been extremely busy this week.  Most of the corn has gone out, and we are beginning to load out soybean seed.  There is no rest or break when we do not know exactly how many good planting days we will get.    Oh, and in the meantime, we still need to take extra time to give our animals the good care they need as well.  The next few days are supposed to be a little warmer - hopefully, the soil temperature will improve quickly.  Everything happens so quickly when we get a window of opportunity.   I am amazed at the changes every day from the time I go to work until the time I make it home.  Roger is happy to have his corn crop in the ground.  He only had one thing to say tonight..................