Tuesday, May 24, 2011

And the Planting Continues...

Home grown tomato plant.
Now the that the crops are in, it is time to get the garden planted!  In earlier posts, I showed how JM and I had started our tomato and pepper plants from seeds.  It actually worked amazingly well.  We had 12 pepper plants and 24 tomato plants anxiously awaiting their transplant opportunity.  Last night was the night to get that done!  We rounded up some plastic containers to protect the plants until they could get established in their new home.

 These plants have done really well for our first attempt.  We went into the project with the idea that if growing our own didn't pan out, we could still buy plants at the local greenhouse.  Surprisingly, all of the plants that we started have survived.  Assuming "project green thumb" keeps going as planned, we should have a bunch of tomatoes to can later in the summer.

JM and I finished planting the garden tonight since we ran out of protection for the plants last night.  We had to borrow some of my aunt's containers to finish the garden.  JM brought out the bag of seeds, and we got started digging in.  We put in a row of onions, radishes, lettuce, carrots and peas in addition to our tomato and pepper plants.  There is still room left in the garden so I think we will add some cucumbers and melons.  We also added some glad bulbs to the edges just to provide some beauty!  Now we can sit back and wait patiently for our plants to grow. 

We had some extra help with the garden too............last week I brought home a little souvenir from work.  While doing some work at the ethanol plant, they found 3 baby kittens tucked away under a very large fan motor.  Since I have a farm, I was elected to bring them home.  They love to follow us around the yard and think the dog is "mom".

Following "Mom"

 They are still pretty little.  We started out by feeding them milk replacer with a syringe, but they have moved up to eating from a bowl.  It is so cute to watch them follow either us or the dog around the yard.
The new babies!

 We have all kinds of wonderful things growing on our farm...........cattle, corn, the garden and kittens!


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