Saturday, April 9, 2011

Testing out our Green Thumb

We have a serious case of Spring Fever on our farm.  JM and I are getting very anxious to get going on our garden.  We are going to start a new garden spot at our farm this year instead of trying to maintain one at the other farm.  I thought maybe I would get more help in the garden this year if I made JM an "active participant" in the process.  So......we decided to start our plants from seeds.  Today was planting day!  We had orginally planned to do yard work today, but instead woke up to mist and fog.  Therefore, plan B was put into place.

We started with this miniature greenhouse kit that we bought a few weeks ago.  We also bought seeds for 3 different kinds of tomatoes, jalepeno peppers, and bell peppers.

To expand our little pods we had to add about 5 cups of water to the tray and wait for them to soak it up.  Then we had to take each pod and work them around to loosen up the peat and prepare for planting the seeds.

JM took 2-3 seeds and planted them in the pods.  I followed up with a covering tool - a.k.a. a toothpick - to make sure that our seeds were sown in the proper place.  We planted 18 pods of regular tomatoes, 6 pods of Roma tomatoes, 6 pods of jalepeno peppers and 6 pods of bell peppers.  If all goes as planned, we will be planting these new plants in our garden in about 6 weeks.  If things don't go so well, we will be making a trip to the local greenhouse to buy the plants to plant in the garden.  Either way, it will be a learning experience for JM and I on growing plants.

We are growing our own garden this year because we like to can tomato juice, and have fresh carrots, peas, lettuce and radishes.  JM also wants to plant some Indian corn and pumpkins.  I usually get my fresh produce from my generouse aunts and uncle, but we thought it would be nice to have our own project.

The Greenhouse!

Later this afternoon we got a chance to work on the perrenial flower beds too.  We attempted to burn off the last years dried up plants, but it was too damp from the weather today.  Hopefully we will be able to do that soon in order for the emerging plants to come through.  JM and I can't wait for it to get warm enough to plant some flowers.  We walked through one of the local greenhouses today which just enhanced our excitement.  The beautiful colors were amazing.  Hopefully, JM was born with the green thumb that his mother was not, and we will have a succussful gardening season.