Sunday, April 10, 2011

Spring Cleaning

Even though the weather was not what we had hoped for today, we decided to bundle up (in the spring sense of bundling up) and do some yard work.  JM and I had a very busy afternoon.  First, we baked sugar cookies - check out the recipe page to see the recipe and pictures.  Then, we dug into picking up the yard.  We got the 4 wheeler out of the shed and hooked up the yard wagon.  I got busy picking up sticks and anything else that may be on the yard or stuck in the bushes.  JM was working hard with a bucket picking up all of the rocks that were transplanted when the snow was piled up this winter. you want to switch jobs???
I had two wagon loads of sticks just from the yard around the house.  The grove is a whole other project that will take a whole weekend.  JM had several buckets of rocks.  I think they were multiplying as we moved across the lawn.  We would rake a pile of rocks together, pick them up, and JM would carry them back to the driveway or rock pile (whichever was closer.)  We both worked hard today, but I think all of rock carrying completely wore JM out!  He was sleeping shortly after he hit his pillow tonight. 

The other excitement on our farm today was.......putting new disc openers on the planter and getting all things checked over to head to the field.  Now if we can just get the weather to warm up, the planter will be headed out to plant corn.