Sunday, April 3, 2011

Soak up the Sun!

It has been just wonderful to see the sun all weekend!  The sun was even radiating some warmth to enjoy.  We enjoyed having the opportunity to get outside and enjoy the weekend.  I am beginning to think that winter may finally be ending, and we can move on to the excitement and busy times of Spring season.  We were out in the yard this weekend picking up sticks and rocks from the lawn.  We still have a little ways to go as this is the joy of having a large yard.  I can't wait for the lawn to green up, and the mowing can begin. 

  We still have a rather large snow pile in the grove that needs to melt.  It has gotten considerably smaller this weekend, but we could use a warm week to completely have it disappear.  This large snow drift also happens to be in the summer horse pen.  I am anxious for it to melt in order to get the fence fixed up and ready for Harley to be moved up there. 

As we were outside enjoying the day, we wandered around the yard to see what the animals were up to.  They all seemed to be enjoying the sunshine as well.  What better way to spend a warm Sunday afternoon than taking a nap in the sun.

Soak up the Sun!

Our local neighborhood barn cat was also taking advantage of nap time.  As it seems, we humans were the only ones who weren't taking a nap today.  It looks like we have a nice weather week ahead of us which will give us the opportunity to get the planter out of the shed and start thinking about getting into the field.  I can't wait to smell the fresh dirt when we work the fields.  The tile guy is coming tomorrow to put a little extra tile in one of our fields.  The frost is disappearing, and the water is quickly soaking in.

As I walked around the yard this afternoon, I noticed that the trees and plants are readying themselves for upcoming season as well.  The trees are budding and starting to open.  The perennial plants in the landscaping are starting to come through.  I have staked out the spot in the yard for my garden also.  JM and I are going to again try to manage a garden this year.  Hopefully, we will be able to keep up with the work and not end up mowing it at the end of the summer.  We are also going to attempt growing our own plants for the garden.  We have seeds to plant for 3 different kinds of tomatoes, green peppers, and jalepeno peppers.  We will also plant peas, carrots, and radishes in our garden spot.

Spring buds.
We also enjoyed a little time away from the farm late yesterday after we had our work done.  The family made a trip to Sioux Falls to pick up some new baseball items for JM.  He also picked out some new clothes as he keeps growing at a very rapid pace.  I think he is going to pass his mother's height shortly.  It was nice to take in a little family time since we know those family moments will be much less when field work starts. 

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