Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Not So Wordless Wednesday

As we "patiently" await the arrival of Spring in our area of the Corn Belt, we are making preparations to the equipment to get ready for planting, spraying, etc. We have auto-steer installed in the planter tractor.  Roger has the planter ready to go and is scanning the remaining equipment and deciding to upgrade an item or two.  This week he traded our pull behind sprayer for a more updated version.  Although it is not new, the sprayer is in excellent shape and should work well for us this Spring.  Since Dad acquired a newer piece of farm equipment, JM thought his collection needed one as well.

The New Sprayer!

JM hooked his new piece of equipment up to the MX125 and proceeded to spray the tomato and pepper plants we are growing.  I guess like father, like son!  Now.....I think we can safely say that we own a miniature version of EVERY piece of farm equipment.


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