Sunday, April 24, 2011

Easter Fun

 Our Easter weekend was filled with all kinds of "Easter Fun."  We started out the 3 day weekend by making some goodies for the Day Care Bake Sale that was going on in our hometown.  It was great to see all of the colorful baked goods that were donated for the fundraiser.  JM and I each picked out something to bring back home as well.

Fun Bake Sale Finds
JM and I also colored Easter eggs.  We bought a different kit this year.....less mess (or so I imagined.)  This kit just had droppers to put the pearlized coloring on the eggs and then you worked the color around with a plastic glove.  Hmmmm....sounds simple, right?  Except for the kit came with plastic bags instead of gloves, and the colored eggs didn't exactly look like the pretty ones on the box when we were finished.

Even though our "project"  was different than we anticipated, JM and I had fun coloring the eggs.  As always, it is a new adventure every year.  The eggs still turned out pretty neat.

JM and I helped with the Easter Egg Hunt in Hartley on Saturday morning.  There were about 150 kids there to gather eggs.  It was a lot of fun watching the little ones gather their eggs and bring them up for the prizes that we had for them.  Too bad it was only 40 degrees.  The poor Easter Bunny needed his coat.

We spent the afternoon preparing food for our two Easter dinners.  We made dinner rolls, cheesecake, 2 egg bakes and a salad.  A very busy afternoon for us.  Plus we had time to do chores and care for our animals.  JM took Harley his Easter treats, and Copper received his as well.

JM was very excited to wake up this morning and see that the Easter Bunny had indeed filled his basket with treats, a book and a new Wii game.

Early morning Easter surprise!
Our other Easter surprise was actually seeing the sun this morning!  And it stuck with us ALL day.  It was a beautiful Easter day!  We had some wonderful time with family and got to enjoy some outdoor time on the farm.