Saturday, March 12, 2011

Our Growing Family

I took advantage of the sunshine this morning to go check out the new baby calves while their mothers were having breakfast.  Some were just hanging out together, a few found places to lounge in the sun and after we arrived to watch them, some of them decided to show off and run around with their tails in the air.

The Rat Pack!

This little girl found herself a great place to tuck in out of the wind and sun herself. 

These two little guys ran out from the "rat pack" to have a little fun on the mound.  They ran around for quite awhile showing off.

Our little farm family keeps growing every day.  We now have 31 calves on the ground.  At least the temperatures are getting warmer for the calves to be born.    We have had a pretty good calving year as most of our mothers (even the new ones) have been able to have their calves without assistance.  The cows are being monitored both day and night since we do not want any of our mothers to have to struggle to have their calves.  It is always worth the extra work to make sure we have healthy mothers and babies!


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