Sunday, March 20, 2011

Mud Pies

Happy first day of Spring!  The beginning of this wonderful time of year brought us a nice little thunderstorm early this morning complete with hail.  I hope that is not what the rest of the summer will hold in store for us as well.  We received about 3 tenths of an inch of rain this morning.  Although the rain is needed in the spring, it just added more MUD for us to deal with.  Back when we were kids we would have loved to see all of this mud to play in. adults with livestock to care for, the mud is quite unwelcome. 

We completed our daily round of bedding all of the pens tonight.  All of the cattle need to have a place to lay that is out of the mud.  As soon as we were done bedding the pen of 350 pound calves, they all tucked in together on the new pile of straw.  One of our cows chose to have her new baby out in the field just before we got to the other farm this afternoon.  After we bedded their pen, Roger walked out to the field and carried her new baby about 1/4 of a mile back to the fresh straw.  Their comfort and care is our primary concern.

Mud is something we deal with every spring.  We just have to try to anticipate the needs of the animals and keep the pens as dry as we possibly can.  JM was havig a great time investigating each and every puddle to see if he could find one deep enough to go over the top of his boots.  Fortunately, he did not find one that could accomodate his wish.  :-)  Not that the majority of him was not already covered in mud.  Luckily, the washer was not in use when we arrived back home since that is where everyones clothes needed to go.

This new little girl was also born in the mud yesterday.  But, she was very clean and dry today and enjoying the attention she was getting from JM.  Her mother was not equally happy with us giving her baby all this special attention.  She was trying to call her back out into the mud, but Macie was in not going anywhere.  As spring progresses the mud will dry, and we will be on the field work.  I can't wait to get the fields ready to plant!