Saturday, March 26, 2011

March Madness

March Madness continues on the farm as well as on the basketball court.  What we thought may be a quiet Saturday in fact turned into quite the opposite.  I started off the day with taking JM to a baseball clinic at the school this morning.  Then, after lunch, we walked the cows and discovered a heifer struggling to have her calf.  Roger got her into the calving pen and went to work pulling her calf.  It was a large calf and required more than just normal pulling to get the calf the rest of the way out.  I helped him gather some more calf pulling equipment, and we were able to get the calf out in time to save her. 

Our new little girl!

She turned out to be a very spunky little girl.  She got up quite quickly and was looking to find her own lunch.  Mom and baby came through the delivery very well and are getting along fabulously.

This is another very special little baby.  He was born on Wednesday and is the son of one of our very important mothers, Sally.  His mother was a bottle calf of ours from 5 years ago.  She came to us from Roger's dad when Sally's mother died giving birth to her.  The day she arrived at our farm it started to snow, and we had a 3 day blizzard.  Sally immediately became part of our family, and we decided she would stay with us as part of the cow herd. 
Sally has managed to give us great calves and is a good mother.  She is still very comfortable when we are around her and her babies.

 Later this afternoon, JM decided he should go out and take a walk through the calves to make sure everyone looked OK.  I looked out the window and saw him walking through the yard so I went back to what I was doing.  I thought it was taking him a long time to come back to the house, so I looked back out the window to see if I could find him, and there he was.......standing in the same spot I last saw him.  I called out the door for him to come back to the house, and he replied that he wasn't able to because he was stuck.  I seriously couldn't believe that he was literally stuck in the mud!!  I started to laugh, got my coat and boots, and headed out to "pull" him out of the mud.  He was stuck all the way to the top of his boots.  Oh...and I also managed to grab my camera on my way out the door.  This had to be a moment to remember.  Roger pulled back in the yard as I was heading out there to JM.  Good thing he was there to help.  I don't think I could have gotten him out as clean as Roger was able to.  I think this was a good lesson for him to watch where he is walking.  But, we all had a good laugh anyway!

This is a job for Tow-Mater!