Saturday, March 19, 2011

The excitement of Spring

As the weather keeps getting nicer, we are getting very anxious for the arrival of Spring.  It is more fun to be out with the cattle, and they are enjoying the warmer temperatures as well.  We are starting to give the little ones some creep feed. 

The calves know what that bucket means.  They become JM's best friend when he walks through the pen carrying the white bucket.

Harley also enjoys an occassional ear of corn to nibble on.  He is usually found with his head stuck in the bale feeder filling himself up with hay, but will also stop to see what JM has for him.  JM likes to pet him every day when he heads into the pen.  Maybe this year his mom will even let him go for a ride on Harley.....maybe!  Mom is still not sure he is ready to handle a large horse.

JM is just one of the gang when he is walking through the yard.  We only have 11 calves here at home, and the other 23 are over at the other farm.  The calves at the other farm are equally as tame and enjoy the extra attention. 

Since Spring is starting to give us a sneak peak at the coming attractions, we are using a lot of extra bedding to maintain a dry place for the cattle to lay.  Last night we put bedding in all of the pens.  It was a little cooler last night, and the cattle were running and jumping as we spread the bales out in the pens.  We have a new group of holsteins at the other farm, and they are quickly becoming pets for JM.  A few of them come running when they see him come to the gate to be first in line to get petted.  The show cattle are getting used to being combed again, and we will start leading them again soon as well. 

This week was busy trimming up some trees at the farm and getting a shed ready to be torn down.  We still have a lot of work to do around the farm to get things back in shape after winter.  We also bought some seeds today to start some plants for the garden this summer.  Our family definitely has spring fever!  The planter units have been test stamped on a Meter Max machine, and it is time to start getting it ready to head to the field.  I can't wait to experience the smell of freshly worked soil.  That truly means Spring has Sprung!