Thursday, March 3, 2011

Commodity Classic

We are at Commodity Classic Tampa, Florida this week.  Myself, and 3 other Common Ground Volunteers, are helping out at the National Corn Growers Association booth and the United Soybean Board booth as well as hosting a learning session Friday at 1 p.m. talking about food and farming.  There is a lot of enthusiasm for Common Ground, and we are all very excited about the program!!

This is our first time at Commodity Classic and are having a great time visiting with people.  If you have the chance to attend Commodity Classic in the future, please do so.  It is well worth your time to attend the fantastic presentations and trade show.

JM and his favorite things.
Roger and JM enjoyed checking out all of the farm "stuff" at the trade show today.  JM was in seventh heaven having a look at the Case IH and John Deere equipment on display.  Both of them had all (or at least most) of their favorite things all under one roof.

Common Ground has a lot of good things to look forward to.  We have the opportunity to talk to people about what we know and love.....farming.  It is our way of life, and we can share how proud we are of the food that we work hard to grow.