Sunday, March 6, 2011

Back To Work!

We arrived home from our trip to Commodity Classic in Tampa, Florida this afternoon.  The first place we visited before even making it to the house was to check the cattle and cows/calves.  It has only been 4 days since last seeing them, but it feels like a month.  Always great to be back on the farm!  There were 10 calves born while we were away, and it looks like we will have at least 2 more tonight.  After unloading the luggage into the house and starting laundry, we all put on our winter gear again and headed out to walk through the new additions.  The bottle calf, Ernie, was happy to see a smiling face as well.

JM and Harley
The calves were enjoying the day, and had to show off while we were walking around.  The additional 10 calves puts us up to 24 babies on our farm.  And....we have names for the all!!  It looks like the boys are outnumbering the girls this year.  While we were gone, we also got in 77 new heifers to put in the pasture this summer, and these girls will have babies next year.  We also walked through them to see how they were doing in their new home.  Everyone looked like they got along just fine without us even though we can't help but think about them while we are gone.

This cow is a very good mother.  She was letting 3 calves nurse while we were walking through them and only 1 of them belonged to her.  The more the merrier I guess. 

It is fun to watch the calves grow just like kids.  They try so hard to act like the adult cows.  Addi had her head in the hay feeder tonight with the big cows.  She is growing so much!

Now that we have reacquainted ourselves with the rest of the family, we can concentrate on getting everything ready for the snow that is headed our way this week.  We had a great time attending Commodity Classic, but now it is back to work!