Saturday, February 19, 2011

Winter is back...

Winter weather is back and headed our way.  In a few hours, we will be under an Ice Storm Warning which means that our family spent the day preparing the animals for the impending weather.  Instead of heading to my husband's Christmas party in Sioux Falls, we opted to clean pens, bed pens, and make sure the feed ingredients were stocked up to get through the storm.  Having animals on your farm means that caring for them comes before anything else.  Nobody says a word or feels disappointed about missing the party since this is the way of life that we love.

 It was such a beautiful morning on the farm.  It's hard to believe that tomorrow morning everything will be covered in ice.  The ice and wind probably means loosing electricity which in turn means frozen waters.  We hope that doesn't happen, but if it does, we will be out making sure the cattle are able to drink and are comfortable.

We made sure the modified distillers grains pile was full as well as the flaked corn pile.  Our corn syrup did not arrive as scheduled, but is supposed to be here tomorrow.  If it doesn't make it, we are prepared to adjust the feed rations to accomodate not having syrup in it.  We still have plenty of silage on hand, and the protein bin is 1/2 full.  The animals will all be fed in the morning before we think about doing anything else.

We also had a new calf born yesterday, and the new mother isn't quite sure what do with him.  We have been trying to convince her that he is hers, and it would be a big help for her to take care of him.  She is a first time mother and isn't sure that's what she signed up for.  So...until she decides which way she is going lean, we are supplimenting his nursing with a bottle of milk replacer.  He will just become one of the family!  By the way, he would be calf #8 for the year.

The show calves managed to get some time today as well.  JM is still quite close with Ralphie even though he hasn't been led around the show ring since August.  Soon we will start working with Ralphie, Rudy and LuLu to get them ready to attend some cattle shows.  It is a lot of work, but well worth it to see the connection that JM makes with them.