Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Spring is here.....well, almost!

Today was a beautiful day in northwest Iowa.  It almost feels like spring!  It was over 40 degrees ABOVE zero today and everyone (including the animals) is enjoying the nice weather.  The new calves were out running around in the grove with their tails in the air.  I am amazed that grass is now visible on the lawn and dirt is showing in the fields.  That is sure to get covered again before spring truly arrives, but we have enjoyed this nice week nonetheless. 

Happy to see black soil!

Meet Sid...

We now have 7 beautiful little calves on our farm and so far, we have managed to name them all.  We have 2 heifer (girl) calves and 5 bull (boy) calves as of today.  They are so much fun to watch as they explore the grove and learn about their surroundings.  The calves made several laps around the hay feeder as I watched them tonight.  Then....curiousity got the best of them, and they had to come over and check me out too. 

There are a couple of other members of our farm family that I would like to introduce you to.  Below is Copper our faithful "cattle" dog.  He is more of a friend to the cattle than a helper with the cattle, but he is a very good family dog.  He is our protector (or so he thinks) and loves all the affection that he gets from us.  


And this is our "ranch" horse otherwise known as Harley.  He loves to ride through the pastures to check the cows and calves in the summer time.  When we round the cows/calves up in the fall to come home, he is there doing his job.  In the off season, he is the resident hay tester...never getting too far from the hay feeder.

I took advantage of the great weather to gather some more wonderful shots of our farm family to share.  Everyday has something different in store for us on our farm.  That is one of the reasons that we love it so much!