Sunday, February 20, 2011

Ice on the Farm

As promised, we woke up to ice this morning.  Feeding still went as planned this morning except for the discovery of a cow having her calf.  She was quickly transferred to the calving barn to be able to have her calf where it was warm and dry.

Happy Birthday Jake!
It has rained most of the day, and the trees and power lines have been accumulating ice throughout the day.  About 4:00 this afternoon we lost electricity.  As soon as that happened, the whole family headed outside to bed the animals and bottle feed our little baby calf.  His mother still has not "seen the light" so we will continue to help him out with bottles throughout the day.

JM feeding Ernie
The cattle love the fresh bedding.  They enjoy running through in as it comes off the bale shredder. 

JM was having fun getting acquainted with the new calf this afternoon.  He is a beautiful little calf.  Hopefully he will be our only newborn today since the weather has still not improved.  It was still raining when we came in from chores, and the electricity had come back on.  We were only without power for about 2 hours.  The power outage happened at about lap 147 of the NASCAR race.  Thank goodness for Twitter - we could find out who the winner was.  It is great to see NASCAR is powered by American Ethanol!

Ice on trees


  1. I'm loving all the pictures Jill - keep 'em coming.