Tuesday, February 22, 2011

The beauty of winter

With all of the ice and snow this weekend it is hard to imagine that we could see any beauty.  It was warm enough today to actually melt a little bit.  This is one of the icicles that formed on our garage.  It was really beautiful with the sun shining on it as it was setting this evening. 

Today, Roger and I had the opportunity to listen to John Gnadke speak about grain quality and Duane Lowry also gave us some market perspective.  John does a really great job of teaching us how to effectively store our grain.  There is more to storing grain than sticking it in the bin in the fall and taking it out when you sell it in July.  Duane talked about selling grain when it is right for your business.  If you feel it is a good sale when you make it, you shouldn't worry about what the coffee shop crowd has to say.  It was a tough day to address an audience about grain markets when corn was down the limit (-30) today.  He also showed us charts displaying that we are near record highs from 2008.  It would probably be a good time to start making some marketing decisions in this area.    Everyone would like to hit the highs, but in the end you just have to make good marketing decisions for your business.

When we arrived back at the farm for the evening, we checked the calves in the calving barn.  They were all just tucked in the bedding out of the wind.  Jake, our little adopted family member, was ready for his bottle.  He came right up to the gate to greet us. We had two more new additions today as well.  That puts us up to 11 new babies.

Sid poses for the camera again.

After spending some quality time with our furry family members, it was homework time for JM.  He had spelling, math and reading to do before supper.